As a small to medium business, you know how important it is to maximize your profitability wherever possible. Streamlining your business needs and making processes more efficient are critical to boosting that bottom line. But how can we apply this to the IT Department? The answer: Cloud Hosting.

The AspireServer hosting service allows businesses to reduce or eliminate on-premise technology such as servers, data storage, and backup equipment. Instead of housing bulky and expensive technology, clients can transition their software applications and data to our enterprise-class computer infrastructure accessed securely via the Internet. Letting CoNetrix manage and maintain your technology leaves you free to manage your business.

Benefits of this solution include:

  • Enterprise-class technology and security at a fraction of the cost
  • Timely software updates and patches
  • Backup and disaster recovery for your critical business data
  • Minimized capital expenditures on hardware and software
  • Reduced employee labor costs for managing technology
  • Predictable monthly costs

Product Description

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AspireServer hosting specifically includes the following services:

  • Maintenance to current service pack and patch levels for the following products licensed and installed on servers hosted by CoNetrix:
    • Microsoft software (Windows, Exchange, SQL Server)
    • Adobe Reader & Adobe Flash
    • Apple Quicktime
    • Java Runtime Environment
  • Nightly backup of hosted servers:
    • Standard service level includes 7 days of data retention and a 48-hour Recovery Time Objective for hosted services. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the duration of time within which CoNetrix will restore hosting services after an outage in the CoNetrix Data Center.
    • Extended data retention and/or a 4-hour RTO are available for an additional monthly cost.
  • Maintenance of anti-virus software and updates on all hosted servers
  • Maintenance of firewalls and intrusion prevention at the CoNetrix facility for the hosted environment
  • Maintenance of telecommunications connectivity at the CoNetrix facility
  • Monitoring of server up-time and performance
  • Licensing for all Microsoft software hosted by CoNetrix
  • Licensing for anti-virus and backup software for all hosted servers
  • Setup and maintenance of customer user accounts

With AspireServer hosting, you have the option to add the following services under a separate agreement (not included in monthly hosting agreement):

  • Installation and upgrades of operating systems and applications on hosted servers
  • Migration of servers and data to the hosted environment
  • Telecommunications connectivity at the customer locations
  • Custom configuration of email filtering
  • Database administration to support customer applications
  • Installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, and patch management of hardware and software at the customer location
  • Application support and training on Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications (e.g. Microsoft Office, Adobe, etc.)

SSAE 16 Examination

AICPA Service Organization Control Reports CoNetrix successfully completed a SSAE 16 examination for its Virtual Cloud and Exchange Hosting Services. Annual third-party audits are conducted on Aspire IT Hosting services to ensure the security of sensitive information.