CoNetrix tandem Software

Tandem: an association or partnership where all parts work together towards the same goal

CoNetrix tandem Software

Why tandem?

It's all in the name. CoNetrix tandem software is an online solution that helps ease the burden of regulatory compliance. We have done the research up front so you can be compliant with information security regulations in much less time. Don't labor over extensive language and making sure updates are made to all the right documents. Let us work in tandem with you so you can accomplish your compliance goals.

Who is tandem for?

tandem software was built specifically for financial institutions (banks, savings associations, credit unions, and trust companies) to help increase security, stay in compliance, and lower overhead costs. We understand bank employees, especially for community banks, are asked to wear numerous hats, and with the continued increase in compliance burden, it is hard to keep your balance. In the past, we have primarily assisted banks with their security and compliance needs through expensive consulting, but now with CoNetrix tandem software, you can save time and money without sacrificing security or compliance.

tandem Modules

Risk Assessment

The foundation of an Information Security Program is a Risk Assessment. The twofold tandem risk assessment software takes you through a multi-step process to develop your Information Security Risk Assessment and individual risk assessments for your critical assets. The software will help you identify reasonably foreseeable threats, assign risk levels, and define controls. Read More

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity is a critical process for any company, but especially for financial institutions. The tandem business continuity plan software will facilitate the development and maintenance of a Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery Plan, following FFIEC, FDIC, OCC, Federal Reserve, and NCUA guidance and help you address adverse events such as natural disasters, biological pandemics, technological failures, human error, and terrorism. The software includes template checklists and a formal Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process to help define and manage business process recovery. Read More

Information Security Policies

Security Policies establish the foundation for a customized security plan for your financial institution. The tandem policies software helps you define your policies, manage implementation, identify verification, and create an acceptable use policy. The software comes complete with over 50 policies, customized to fit your financial institution based on a formal questionnaire. Read More

Vendor Management

Even though financial institutions rely on third parties for various services or products, the institution’s Board of Directors and senior management are ultimately responsible for managing risks arising from third party relationships. The tandem vendor management software will assist your financial institution with its vendor management program by providing a framework to streamline the process of collecting, reviewing, and documenting pertinent information about your service providers. Read More

Internet Banking Security Program

The FFIEC supplement to the Internet Banking guidance emphasizes the importance of establishing appropriate security measures for different types of transactions. The tandem Internet Banking Security Program will help your financial institution create risk assessments for different types of online customer accounts (e.g. corporate and retail), identify risk levels, and assign layered security controls to mitigate risk. The software also includes customizable security awareness material to be used in educating your customers. Read More

Identity Theft Prevention Program

The FACT Act requires financial institutions or creditors to develop and implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program to detect, prevent, and mitigate identity theft. The tandem red flag program will assist your financial institution in creating your Identity Theft Prevention Program document and online Identity Theft Red Flags employee training customized for your red flags. Read More

Compliance Calendar

Financial Institutions have extensive regulatory requirements and compliance tasks. The CoNetrix tandem Compliance Calendar helps you identify, schedule and track important dates impacting financial institution requirements including reporting, audits, training, operations, and compliance. CoNetrix offers a FREE version of the Compliance Calendar, as well as a PRO version with premium enhancements. Read More

Audit Management

Keep track of various audits (e.g. IT, Compliance, Safety and Soundness, Exams), create multiple audits, assign responsibility, appoint auditors (e.g. employee, vendor, examiner), and manage findings. View trends, risks, and costs of findings and assign tasks for response. Read More

Board Portal

Organize and empower your board and committee members with the new CoNetrix Board Portal. Schedule meetings, upload and review documents, discuss items, and vote within our secure, online portal. You can even use your mobile device to view the agenda and related documents during meetings or remotely. And as always, you can limit and assign access as needed. Read More

Social Media Management

Be proactive and manage all of your social media profiles with one login. Create a custom review process for authoring, approving, and scheduling posts. Post to all accounts from one place, and keep track of employee access to your social media accounts. Read More