Aspire IT Hosting

Aspire IT Hosting services allow your business to reduce or eliminate on-premise technology such as servers, data storage, and backup equipment. Instead of housing bulky and expensive technology, clients can transition their applications and data to our enterprise-class computer infrastructure accessed securely via the Internet. Let CoNetrix manage and maintain your technology so you are free to manage your business.


Cloud hosting is changing the way modern businesses operate. The concept for AspireServer is simple: deliver shared computer resources, software, and information to users on demand via the Internet. In other words, get ready to repurpose that back room. Read More


Aspire offers Microsoft Exchange hosting in a multi-tenant configuration where each customer’s data and email addresses remain private. With AspireMail, CoNetrix provides a feature-rich Exchange and Outlook environment at a fixed per-user cost that includes all server configuration and maintenance. Filtering for spam and viruses is included, and email encryption is optional. Read More


AspireRecovery provides data backup and server-level recovery using the Aspire Cloud environment. With AspireRecovery, customers have the ability to access backup copies of their servers and data if they experience a local server or site outage. Read More


AspireDocs provides secure cloud file sharing and storage hosted within the Aspire Data Center maintained by CoNetrix. Use AspireDocs to edit and share files among devices and users in the security of our trusted private IT environment. Read More